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9 T-shirt hacks that make them look way cooler


Remember — if at first you don’t succeed, raid your boyfriend’s closet for a do-over.

1. Crop it

DIY cropped t-shirt

Image credit: Maegan Tintari

Arguably the simplest and sexiest DIY ever, this cropped tee looks fab with yoga pants for a dressed-up workout.

2. Stud it

Studded DIY t-shirt

Image credit: WobiSobi

Holy moly, guys, this latticework tee might just be our favorite. Demure, colorful and blingy? Would it be awkward to scream, “Yes”? Because — yes!

3. Shred it

Braided and shredded DIY t-shirt

Image credit: Cut Out + Keep

Do you have a passion for flashin’? Look no further than this sexy and intricate tee that bares your shredded obliques.

4. Braid it

Braided DIY t-shirt

Image credit: Adventures of a Middle Sister

If there’s one thing we learned in 2011, it’s that everything is better with a braid. Even T-shirts, like this psychedelic tie-dyed one.

5. Tie it up

DIY racerback t-shirt tied with a bow

Image credit: Trinkets in Bloom

Tie me up and call me yours already, because this racerback tee looks subtly sweet with the addition of a satin bow.

6. Cut it out

DIY t-shirt with geometric cut outs

Image credit: Cut Out + Keep

Try your hand at the laser-cut trend by fashioning your own piece of T-shirt artwork. We love this angel-wing design, but you can also find instructions for trees, birds and geometric designs.

7. Cross it

DIY t-shirt

Image credit: WobiSobi

Would you ever guess that this adorable crisscross tank was once an oversized T-shirt from the Wal-Mart bargain bin? We thought not, since it’s perf for a night out on the town.

8. Scarf it

DIY t-shirt scarf

Image credit: AllDayChic

Game day cuteness, anyone? This DIY T-shirt scarf looks cozy and totally perfect for a chilly fall day spent cheering on your favorite team.

9. In-vest it

DIY t-shirt vest

Image credit: Joy Kelley of How Joyful

As long as you stay away from applique, vests are completely en vogue. Transform a colorful T-shirt into this light vest (sweater? shrug?) for layering on a warm day.

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