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Do you believe in life after death?

Kimberly Litchford

Bring the tissues. This movie will take your emotions on a roller coaster ride. It is a real tearjerker.


tHeaven for me has always been real. You can call it a Southern Church thing, but talking about death and heaven for me was just a normal part of life.

t Growing up, death was not something that was hidden from me. It was taught to me as a natural part of life. My best friend’s parents used to take us to wakes and funerals so often that for me they were just as normal as going to the mall or the store.

t This normalized for me the reality of life and death. Death wasn’t something to fear. It was only the doorway to something more. And that something more is a place called heaven.

t The uncertainty of what lies beyond the grave is a subject of much debate, but it isn’t something that worries me.

t For what I know is that the Bible tells me there is a real literal place called Heaven and because of what Jesus did for me on the cross, I know I’m going to Heaven. This is why I don’t worry.

t So when I had the opportunity to review the movie, Heaven Is For Real, I was like, oh yes! I love talking, watching and reading about heaven.

t Bring the tissues. This movie will take your emotions on a roller coaster ride. It is a real tear jerker.

t The faith-based movie, Heaven Is For Real, is based on a book about the true story of 4-year-old Colton Burpo who had a near-death experience and visited heaven while having emergency surgery.

t In heaven, he saw God, was serenaded by angels, talked to his great-grandfather, Pops, met his older sister and met Jesus and his horse of many colors.

t If you’ve ever lost a loved one, be prepared for the emotions that may surface as you watch the story of little Colton’s sickness, then get ready to rejoice when he fully recovers and begins to share about his visit to heaven.

t As Colton begins to open up about his experiences in heaven, the faith of his family and community will be tried and tested.

t Colton’s dad, a pastor, struggles with what has happened to his son and wrestles with what he believes. I was pleased that they showed the progression of his spiritual growth as he fights the fight of faith. I mean, don’t we all as Christians struggle with faith?

t Colton’s mom seems indifferent, until Colton tells her about the girl he met in heaven that told him she was his sister. She realizes Colton met the baby she had miscarried before he was ever born. Her heart leaps for joy and her faith soars as the emotional walls come crumbling down at the realization that heaven is for real!

t The movie also explores how Colton’s experiences affect the community and the congregation where Colton’s dad preaches. Specifically, one woman who has become bitter after the death of her own son.

t She asks, why did God give you your son back and take mine? I think this is a question that all parents ask when they have lost a child when another lives.

tHeaven Is For Real is an inspiring, unforgettable faith-filled movie that will cause you to question your own belief system. Do you believe in life after death? Is heaven real?

t Heaven Is For Real is available on Blu-Ray or DVD (July 22).

t The Heaven Is For Real movie opens with a narrative asking this question. “Is heaven a hope, or as real as the earth and sky? Colton’s story tells about a real place called heaven. I believe heaven is a real place, and I pray this movie will be the catalyst to motivate you to explore the Bible to read the scriptures for yourself to learn more about heaven and how you can be sure you are going there.

t Disclosure: Resourceful Blogger was invited to watch a screening of the movie as a part of a collaboration with Sony and SheKnows. The opinions are 100 percent my own.

t Photo credit: IgOrZh/iStock/360/Getty Images

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