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New app promises marijuana delivery in 10 minutes, or less

Let’s see Pizza Hut compete with this kind of service.

Eaze is a new on-demand medical marijuana delivery service now available in San Francisco that, through its mobile app, can verify patient eligibility, contact a network of dispensaries in your area and dispatch the closest driver to deliver weed to your door, all in about 10 minutes.

Don’t think this is some kind of sloppy stoner operation like Mr. Nice Guy from Dave Chapelle’s movie Half Baked. This is a high-tech outfit designed to bring together tech and health care professionals, medical marijuana dispensaries and drivers to meet a community need.

Keith McCarty, founder and CEO of Eaze

“The process of acquiring medical marijuana can be slow, cumbersome and unpredictable,” Keith McCarty, founder and CEO of Eaze says. “Often patients have to search multiple dispensaries manually each time they order as stock often varies. Verification of medical eligibility can take 24 hours and has to be repeated with each dispensary. Eaze’s technology automates all of that so each patient can have a consistent, comfortable experience — and can focus on getting better.”

McCarty has some serious tech chops. He helped build the social enterprise platform Yammer, which was acquired in 2012 by Microsoft for $1.2 billion.

Although only operating in San Francisco, Eaze is looking to expand into Washington and Colorado, two states which have recently decriminalized pot. McCarty adds, many patients who would otherwise be too embarrassed to be seen buying medical marijuana, through the Eaze mobile app, now have access to a more discreet transaction.

“Although the healing effects of marijuana have been researched and documented, the medicine is still subject to much controversy,” McCarty says. “It’s a shame that patients requiring marijuana for chronic illnesses are often stigmatized. At Eaze, we developed technology to make it easier and quicker for patients to receive their medicine through professional delivery experiences.”

Eaze is currently offering job opportunities for drivers and looking to partner with medical marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boulder and Seattle. Eaze is also interested in hearing from you if you would like Eaze’s mobile medical marijuana delivery service to expand into your city. Fill out the contact form and make your pitch.

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