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Young girl graduates from high school and college in same week

Grace Bush is an incredible girl with ambition, a work ethic Vince Lombardi would envy and a blindingly bright future.

One day she wants to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Smart money says she will.

Thanks to the Florida Atlantic University High School program, in May, 16-year-old Bush graduated from high school and college. But don’t think Grace wants to brag about the accomplishment.

“I think anyone my age can do what I did,” she told “It’s not hard — it’s just hard work.”

Her two older sisters, Gisla, 19, and Gabrielle, 17, also graduated from the program, and to date, the Bush’s haven’t spent a single dollar on college tuition.

Looming tuition costs were scary enough for Bush’s family of nine to track their daughters through the ambitious program that allowed them to take high school courses on an accelerated schedule while also taking college courses. Bush, along with her two older sisters, were homeschooled by their mother, an architect and attorney.

“She (Grace) just insisted on doing school work also,” Grace’s mom Gisla says. “And to satiate her, I just decided, ‘Well, I’’ll do a few minutes with her and she’ll be happy because she’s done school work.’ And then in maybe six or seven months she was reading — I couldn’t believe it! I never literally taught her to read, but when she was 2, she did it. From that point on, I just included her in all the lessons that her siblings were doing.”

But is this type of rigorous academic regimen the right choice for the thousands of American families who need a more affordable way to pay for their kids’ college? Probably not. Grace and her family have approached academics with an intensity that probably wouldn’t suit many other families. But the results speak for themselves.

“We have children that are normal,” her mom Gisla says. “They’re not Einsteins. We helped set them on this path, but they’re the ones who worked hard — and they feel so proud of that.

“Children sometimes don’t know what’s in their best interests, but later they’ll say thank you to their parents. I’m already getting that, and they’re not even 20 yet!”

In the fall Grace will begin a fellowship that will allow her to earn a public administration graduate degree before applying to law schools. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Supreme Court for Grace Bush. She’s already well on her way.

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