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Infomercials we love more today than we ever did in the ’90s

Ahh, the simple days of the ’90s. Before DVR and online advertisements, there were the long, drawn out, corny and equally as comical infomercials. And although the decade wasn’t that long ago, nothing is better than a little blast from the past. Enjoy our top 10 infomercials from one of the most memorable decades of the century.

The Flo
At first, it looks as if this infomercial is referring to a woman’s menstrual cycle. But no, it’s even worse than that. Instead, this odd advertisement is unsuccessfully attempting to sell an exercise band of some sort. At a loss for words, the infomercial utilizes over three minutes of air time (0:40-4:05) by playing a song about the device and showing people overjoyed while using The Flo. Unfortunately, there’s no word on if the soundtrack is included in the purchase price (or how much the piece of elastic costs, either).

The Catch It
While the Catch It seems like a fairly legit product, it’s not what this infomercial is selling that makes it so hilarious, it’s the comical ’90s model and voice-over that makes this commercial something for the video vault. Her lovely hang-in-the-face hairstyle and purple turtleneck will take you right back to your favorite high school yearbook photo. And how would a litter box cleaning product end up in the middle of the street? If that’s a buyer’s main concern, he or she needs much more than just the Catch-It.

Punk Rock CD
Before iTunes and music streaming, there was compilation CD infomercials. A timeless example of the hard days of having to buy an entire album just for the single, this commercial shows the great lengths a record company would go to for you to purchase its albums. Unfortunately, it also portrays bad actors attempting to be the epitome of ’90s punk and failing at it.

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Motorola Flip Phone
Living in a world where nearly every person and their grandmother owns a cell phone, it’s hard to believe that an infomercial was required to sell one of the first flip phones. In a day where we try to prevent texting or talking on the phone while driving, Motorola used this convenience as one of its main selling points. And although times were much simpler before technology ruled all, this is a prime example of what the ’90s were prior to iPhones, GPS, Outlook calendars, “free nights and weekends” and convertibles.

Comfort Wipe
Germaphobes rejoice, the Comfort Wipe is here to help you wipe… literally. Meant for the purpose of not having to touch toilet paper, it’s safe to say this product didn’t catch on… pun intended. And although we do see its Get A Grip cousin sold at local retailers today, I have yet to see a Comfort Wipe at the “As Seen on TV” store or sticking out of someone’s purse at WalMart, where it’s probably needed the most.

Potty Putter
As if a woman didn’t have enough complaints about her husband’s extended time in the bathroom while reading the newspaper, the Potty Putter will surely keep him in there much longer than before. More of a gag gift than anything, it’s safe to assume that a wife would rather throw this contraption in the garbage before allowing her husband to keep it anywhere near the bathroom.

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Mr. Microphone
This infomercial takes the cheese award when it comes to acting and script. Not a horrible product, it’s just doubtful that people would actually use it walking down the street or cat calling with the use of a car radio. And if they did, well, they might just get the “crazy police” called on them for the odd behavior.

Euro Club
Intended for men who have a serious passion for golf, the Euro Club helps a player relieve himself without having to leave the course. Allowing for a bit of privacy, the oh-so-fashionable apron still probably clues in the competition on what the golfer is doing behind the curtain. While most likely a legal offense, I would worry more about the Euro Club leaking on the golf cart ride back to the clubhouse before attempting to utilize this silly contraption.

The Gazelle
This infomercial should be rated R, thanks to Tony Little’s need to jump on the Gazelle with Darla Haun. Suggesting that “it’s great for your love life, too,” he gets on right behind her, striking a pose one might use for the bedroom. A bit awkward, Tony makes it worse later by getting Darla half naked. And they say sex doesn’t sell.

The Hawaii Chair
Yes, the Hawaii Chair is the real deal. Although it may not be a product of the ’90s, it has the perfect ingredients of a ’90s infomercial: cheesy concept, overly happy people, one extremely enthusiastic voice-over actor and a very odd object.

Bonus: See Ellen try out the Hawaii chair on her show.

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