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Boy teaches puppy how to howl (VIDEO)

Dogs are pack animals by nature, and Huskies are one breed in particular that communicate with their pack brothers by howling. So what happens when a 20-day-old pet puppy needs to learn the ropes?

This pup’s human companion, a young boy, steps in to help the baby Husky hone its communication skills. And the result is cuteness overload.

If it doesn’t warm your heart watching the boy coax his puppy into letting out several adorable quivery howls, you might want to have your ticker checked, friend — because, well, you may not have one.

One thing’s for sure. It’s safe to say this kid has a friend for life in the pup, which — bonus! — will come in handy when he’s a sullen teenager who needs someone to vent to about his mom immortalizing this tender moment on the internet.

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