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7 Beautiful garden paths to inspire your next outdoor project

Follow these pretty paths through lovely gardens. Who knows what delightful surprises you will discover at the end?

The purpose of a garden path is to direct traffic though the beautiful array of plants and vegetables in your garden. They come in many styles and sizes. Whether it’s a simple, trodden-down grass lane or an intricate stone trail, paths can add beauty and mystery around the bends.

A path in Hidcote Manor Garden, Britain

Garden 1

Photo credit: Dave Catchpole via Flickr

The perennial borders along this worn stone path urge you to follow along to see what’s beyond the shrubbery tunnel.

Repurposed tree rings

Garden 2

Photo credit: mwms1916 via Flickr

Give an old log a new purpose — turn it into a garden path. The log slices give this path an organic, warm feel. Hmm… Is there a log cabin at the end of this wood trail?

A pretty way to use mulch

Garden 3

Photo credit: Gardening in a Minute via Flickr

A beautiful mix of stone, grass and mulch gives this path a comfortable appeal. Even with its terrain change, the path guides you nicely through lovely plantings and stones along the way.

Nooks and crannies

Garden 4

Photo credit: Wildroof via Flickr

A mix of stones and plants accompanies you all the way up the steps of this path. An open wood gate beckons you through.

A shady retreat

Garden 5

Photo credit: Simon Webster via Flickr

Take a break on a shady path through the walled garden of Queen Victoria’s family home on the Isle of Wight.

Into the woods

Garden 6

Photo credit: Narendran Vaideeswaran via Flickr

Simple square pavers and grass take you for a pensive and peaceful walk through the woods.

The secret garden at last

Garden 8

Photo credit: StephenandMelanie via Flickr

The stone path and the climbing rose archway bring you to the best part of the garden.

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