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Join these clubs on National Cat Day to prove you’re a feline fangirl

Are you obsessed with your cat? These seven clubs will give you an outlet for all your loud and proud cat-lady obsessions.

Seriously, there’s nothing to be ashamed of here, ladies. These kitty-themed clubs may sound weird, but I’ll bet they’re also a blast. So join one and meet a trove of ladies (and fellas) who share your favorite pastime: Spoiling your fur-baby rotten.

1. Cat Writers’ Association

You don’t have to be a writer to join this club. The Cat Writers’ Association is a serious journalism organization open to writers, broadcasters, photographers and artists whose muse is the not-so-humble cat. It holds annual contests that recognize the work these feline fanciers do to ensure the well-being of cats through their various artistic endeavors. (And, yes, these contests are open to non-members as well.)

2. Purrsonals

Yep, you guessed it. There’s a social network for everyone, including cat owners. Join Purrsonals free to meet and share with like-minded people everywhere. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet that special someone who’s man enough to love your sweetie as much as you do.

3. Catmoji

Love to photograph and video your kitten’s adorable behavior? You’re not alone. Create your own catvatar to show the world what type of cat you are, unlock badges to discover even more awesome things and express yourself like a cat by rating pictures based on emoji. Catmoji is for cat lovers by cat lovers, so pop over now to request an invite.

4. Catster

Part magazine, part community, Catster is a place where you can learn about your feline and share with other cat fans. You can even check the breed pages to learn more about you baby and ask questions to be answered by experts.

5. Black Cat Rescue

OK, this may seem a little silly, but these guys do great work. Apparently, because of superstitions surrounding black cats, they’re in need of a little extra help. Black Cat Rescue is a no-kill organization in Boston, Massachusetts, that focuses solely on cats of this color.

6. Whisker Gifters

Whisker Gifters is a free birthday club for cats. When you join, your cat will receive a free birthday postcard every year on its birthday and be entered to win a free cat toy or treat in addition to its card. Whisker Gifters will also post a photo, name and note on the site.

7. Unitedcats

Unitedcats is a social networking site for cats, but the owners are welcome to post in the forum as well. Your cat can create a profile and upload photos to share with other furry friends. As a human with a little more ability to type, you can also create blog posts to share your knowledge with other cat owners.

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