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10 Cool beds to hang from your ceiling

Say good-bye to the days of old-fashioned beds that sit on the ground. Have a lot more fun in the bedroom with these beds that can be made or bought to hang from your ceiling.

1. Nautical bed

Nautical bed

Create a cozy space for yourself and your mate with this king-size hemlock handmade bed. Made without any screws or nails, this comfy, cozy piece of furniture hangs from rope and rafters (Etsy, $750).

2. Daybed


This Bayview hanging bed, a twin-size daybed that can be used in the bedroom, porch or family room, is just as gorgeous as it is unique. With an antique look, this piece will look amazing with shabby-chic decor or to lighten up a room (Layla Grace, $2,750).

3. Rocking the bed

Rocking the bed

Using chain to hang, this bed swing works both indoors and out. The size of a normal twin bed, use this as a place to snuggle with the fam or for a fun-filled way to rock your child to sleep (ATG Stores, $677).

4. Pallet bed

Pallet bed

Photo credit: The Merry Thought

If you’re in need of a bed, don’t look farther than those pallets you’ve been stockpiling. Made as an outdoor swing, this bed made of wood pallets can also be taken indoors for an inexpensive and cute frame for the kiddos.

5. Industrial hanging wood bed

Industrial hanging wood bed

Photo credit: Infarrantly Creative

While some beds use rope, this creative DIY blogger used pipe. Made using wood and threaded pipe screwed to the ceiling and bed, this crafty furniture has a thrilling and attractive industrial look.

6. Layers upon layers

Layers upon layers

Photo credit: The Bumper Crop

Not only do hanging beds rock because they’re super cool, they also take the cake for the fact that they create a lot more room, as shown in this boys’ room shared by three brothers. Using ropes, bolts and a few DIY ladders, these boys are sure to make some serious memories in their handmade beds.

7. Little lady bed

 Little lady bed

Photo credit: Sticks and Stones Home Decor

Cables, screws and Gorilla Glue help keep this DIY bed hanging in safety. Adorable and filled with character, this bed is perfect for a little lady to feel like the princess she is.

8. Seeing double

Seeing double

Photo credit: The Pioneer Woman

Teens don’t want boring beds for their “big girl room,” they want something they can have fun with! This mama gave her teen daughters two swinging twin beds made with chain and wood.

9. Glamping glam

Glamping glam

Photo credit: BD Photography

Two girls go glamping (the glamorous version of camping) when their parents go bunk style with a pair of DIY hanging beds. And although they appear to be hanging from only the ceiling, these beds are extra snug with a few bolts in the wall.

10. Hanging low

 Hanging low

Photo credit: Ben Riddering

Lower than the other DIY versions seen, this rope-hung bed looks amazing for not only kids, but mom and dad too! Heck, even the single ladies will enjoy a nice gentle sway into dreamland.

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