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8 IKEA hacks for pet owners

If you’re a pet lover who loves all things DIY, these innovative pet hacks will inspire you to run to the nearest IKEA and start shopping for fur-loving ideas.

1. (Cat)walk this way

(Cat)walk this way

Photo credit: Imgur

Use IKEA Hyllis shelving to give your feline that catwalk of its dreams. Customizable to any room or entire living space, the shelving can be arranged in various heights and lengths so your kitty can stay entertained and, when desired, stealthily get around your home.

2. When living in a matchbox

Shaina from the blog Life Is My Runway needed a space-efficient but oh-so-comfy sleeping solution for her pups. Using an IKEA SKUBB box, she DIYed a stylish yet cozy trundle dog bed that slides under her bed when not in use.

3. A modern take on cat beds

A modern take on cat beds

Photo credit: Deviant Housewife

The Deviant Housewife‘s kitty can tell all its friends that it lives in a high-rise. Make your own modern cat bed by using IKEA’s Expedit, a tall cat scratching pole and a comfy pillow.

4. A castle fit for a canine

A castle fit for a canine

Photo credit: Saving Caesar

Dog blogger Sian Turner at Saving Caesar saw this IKEA medieval children’s tent and couldn’t help but hack it into an uber royal dog bed for her beloved rescue pup.

5. Kitty cabinets that look really cool

Kitty cabinets

Photo credit: MoCrafty

Whether you have a canine that pilfers your cat’s food (or worse, prefers grazing the litter box) or you simply want to give your feline some privacy, get inspired by MoCrafty‘s DIY project turning IKEA PS lockers into kitty mini-condos.

6. The hippest dog kennels ever

The hippest dog kennels ever

Photo credit: If It’s Not Baroque

We found our fave fashionable IKEA pet hack on If It’s Not Baroque. Design blogger Lauren and her hubby remodeled IKEA PAX wardrobe frames into dynamite dog kennels for their adorable pack of diminutive canines.

7. The drawer has gone to the dogs

Tired of dog food bowls littering your kitchen, living room or bedroom floor? These pet lovers hacked an IKEA Haddal dresser into a dog-food hideaway that can also store other pet essentials.

8. For other furry little critters

hamster habitat

Photo credit: Hamstergehege

Hamster lover Tina from the hammy blog Naturnahe Hamstergehege doesn’t want her tiny little pets cramped in a cage, so she hacked the IKEA Detolf glass door cabinet into an expansive hamster habitat that spans over 5 feet long.

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