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Watching cats eat cupcakes is ridiculously entertaining

We know that dogs will pretty much eat anything and everything, but did you know that there are cats out there that have a sweet tooth? And their treat of choice? Cupcakes, of course!

“What! Are these all for me?”
It seems as though this kitty was attempting to resist this platter of cupcakes, but his weakness led him astray. Could it be the tuna flavored frosting? We think so.

“Want to share with me, Mama?”
This cat is so sweet, he denied himself the entire piece of cake and requested only a nibble. Perhaps he just enjoys being fed by hand, like the true kitty king he is.

“My own Valentine cupcake”
Some kitties receive catnip as loving tokens of affection, but this cat? No, he wants a cupcake… all to himself.

“This is the best birthday present ever!”
Apparently, eating cake after the birthday song is sung is human business only. Cats get to indulge whenever they want.

“Mmm, gimme some of that!”
There’s no doubt that this cat needed a bowl full of milk post cupcake… or shall we say, post frosting, as it didn’t look as he cared too much for the Green Bay Packers cake, only the yellow-hued icing.

“Like stealing candy from a baby”

Hear the cooing in the background? Did the kitty steal the cupcake from his baby sister? If so, Mama doesn’t seem to care too much about it.

“I’m ready for my closeup”
This cat was in full-on model mode for this video shoot. And he looks so cute, how can you blame him? Go ahead kitty, indulge, we don’t blame you.

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