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Fight off midday funk with these stay-fresh tips

You leave your house feeling crisp, clean and ready to face the world, but it doesn’t take long for that feeling to fade. By lunchtime, you’re ready for a major refresher. Use these tips to keep that fresh feeling all day long.

Start your day off right

Start your day off right

Waking up to your third alarm and rushing around will do nothing to improve the quality of your day. In fact, it’s the absolute worst way to start off your morning and will likely leave you in a bad mood before your day even starts. SheKnows Expert Joanna Hawley says a few easy changes to your morning can change the way you feel all day long. See how she starts her day.

Nail down your routine

The best way to make sure you take care of all your morning tasks is to get into a routine. Find out what keeps you feeling the freshest and stay with it. Everyone has their own routine, but SheKnows Expert Vera Sweeney has found one that works perfectly for her. Find out what it is by reading her post.

Know all the tricks

Know all the tricks

Feeling fresh all day is easier than you think. In fact, just a few simple tricks from SheKnows Expert Daniela Ramirez could be all it takes to make a big difference. See what she has to say in her post.

Keep your cool

Keep your cool

When the temps get high, the time limit on that fresh look gets cut in half. Humidity, heat and sweat all work together to ruin your look and make you feel less than fresh. Use the right products to battle the weather, and you’ll make it through the day feeling as fresh as you did when you walked out the door. SheKnows Expert Christine Mikesell knows which products will help the most, and she’s sharing them with us.

Power up slowly

If you dive into your day at full speed, you’ll be running on empty before day is even half over. Instead, follow these tips from SheKnows Expert Anne Sage and use your morning to gather the strength you’ll need to keep you going.

Have the right products

Let’s face it — some products just keep us feeling more fresh than others. SheKnows Expert Carla Maganinho tested out a product that claims to keep you feeling your freshest all day long. Check it out to hear her verdict.

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