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Say goodbye to artificial plants and put a fig tree in every room

The fiddle leaf fig is a trend that keeps on growing. This dramatic indoor plant has been finding its way into peoples homes in all sorts of spaces. Take a look at how its vibrant green and large-scale shiny leaves add sculpture and drama making any room swoon-worthy.

1. The foyer

Right when you walk in the front door of this home this tree says “Hello, come on in. This is a happy place!”

2. The living room

This living room has a high ceiling which lends itself well to the impressive stature of this fiddle leaf fig tree.

3. The dining room

The full, round shape of this fiddle leaf fig acts like another piece of furniture, adding balance in the corner space of this dining room.

4. The kitchen

Adding a pair of fiddle leaf figs to flank the large-scale mirror provides symmetry in this sophisticated kitchen.

5. The office

The rich green leaves on this fiddle leaf fig add a spectacular pop of color to this neutral-toned office space.

6. The bedroom

Add personality and life to your bedroom with a fiddle leaf fig.

7. The bathroom

The fiddle leaf fig even works in the bathroom. Look how this one adds texture and softness to the space.

Go ahead and jump on the fiddle leaf fig tree bandwagon and add show-stopping character to any space in your home.

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