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Is your name “too suggestive” for Facebook?

Not since Bart Simpson last prank called Moe Szyslak have double entendre names posed such an ominous threat to our community.

At least that seems to be the attitude of Facebook, which, apparently, is becoming the Moe’s Tavern of the internet.

Melinda Kiss got married on June 6 to Bob Flecker. Mazel tov. And, like any normal person in 2014, soon thereafter took to the task of changing her name. You know the routine. But when she tried to update her married name on her Facebook account to “Melinda Kiss Flecker,” Facebook thought it was getting the digital equivalent of the Bart Simpson prank call. It just didn’t think the name could be real, and before it would allow her to use her actual name, Facebook wanted to see her ID as proof.

“My entire family is on Facebook,” Mrs. Kiss Flecker told Business Insider, “our name has never been a problem. It’s just kind of funny.”

Since her story was originally published a few days ago, Facebook has allowed her to change her name, and her profile proudly displays her lovely wedding pictures under the name Melissa Kiss Flecker.

Have you ever heard of anyone else having this problem? Is your name suggestive enough to set off alarms when you register for stuff online? Let us know.

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