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How to create a family room that’s both serene and fun

“Serene” and “fun” are not necessarily two words that always go together, but in the case of a beach house family room that is exactly the feel we are going for.


t It’s that perfect room to stretch out and read a book or magazine while listening to music on a quiet Sunday morning. It’s also the main room for entertaining, hanging out with friends and even playing with toys or games when our favorite kiddos stop by.

t To create this space, we decided to mix a “serene” base paint palette with “fun” pops of beachy color. For the walls: matte Premium Canyon Echo (a beautiful, warm gray) accented with Glidden Premium semigloss Muslin White trim…

t SDB Lifes a Beach Living Room_Glidden Palette 3 Paint Swatches

t … and our pop colors of Jade Green (reminds me of seaglass) and Tropical Coral.

t A denim couch is a bit unexpected but a perfect neutral option. Like your favorite pair of jeans, the denim fabric will only get better with age and can stand up to quite a bit of wear and tear.

t SDB Lifes a Beach Living Room_Denim couch gallery wall copy

Photo credit: Keith Fiori (blue sofa)/ Love Grows Wild (paintings)

t An eclectic gallery wall is set off perfectly on the gray walls. As you can see from my mock-up, I love mixing photographs with artwork, finds and favorite quotes. Air plants are a fun way to add dimension to the wall. They also bring some added nature to the room and require very little maintenance. If your tastes are a bit more subdued, select one style and color frame and set up your wall in a grid pattern.

t I love side tables made with cut logs. They are an inexpensive, easy DIY project and look great with natural tops and painted sides (the Muslin White we used for the trim is perfect for these). They also look fabulous with painted tops and natural sides (pop colors Tropical Coral , Pale Jade or a neutral Wild Truffle… fun.) Depending on height, these also double as extra seating. If painting the log tops don’t forget to seal with a clear coat for extra durability.


Photo credit: Bleu nature

t A few custom shadowboxes on the opposite wall are a fun way to add dimension and store eclectic finds. I’ll paint a few of the backs with our pop colors while painting others the same color as the walls.

t SDB Lifes a Beach Living Room_Shadowboxes

Photo credit: decor8

t A trunk coffee table is just the thing for our serene and fun space as it doubles as storage for toys and games. There are so many great options out there for trunks, old and new.


Photo credit: Etsy/ CastawayHall

t Painting the trunk in Glidden Premium Jade Green would be beautiful. Use a crackling kit to keep the look rustic. For an extra bonus, paint the interior with a fun and bright color like Tropical Coral. A surprise pop like this makes grabbing toys or games out of the coffee table even more fun.

t SDB Lifes a Beach Living Room_Trunk Coffee Table open

Photo credit: Etsy/ CastawaysHall

t Now that we have our serene fun family room all set to DIY, it’s time to hit the beach. I’ll work on these projects after sunset! For more details, check out our inspiration board for this room on Pinterest.

t Xo Dani

t Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with Glidden and SheKnows.

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