The 7-second video that will change how you feel about animal adoption

If you’ve been mulling over the idea of adopting a rescue dog and are still on the fence, this heartbreaking video should be all the motivation you need.
Before you make any decisions about adding a four-legged family member to your home, watch this video. Then, watch it again.

At only seven seconds long, it will break your heart. It will make you angry. It may very possibly make you cry. What it should also do, though, is inspire you. It should make you want to help this poor, sweet pup that is so emaciated, it literally doesn’t have the strength to stand. It’s so emaciated, you can count every rib… every vertebra.

If you’ve been waffling about whether to adopt, my friend, let this video be the push you need in the direction of the nearest rescue organization.

Dogs like Rex need people like you.

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