What your jeans say about you

Put your best image forward by slipping on a pair of jeans that make a statement about who you are and what you’re up to.

Practical yet fashionable skinnies

Michelle Keegan travelling through train station

Photo credit: Steve Searle/WENN.com

Skinny jeans are fantastic because of their elasticity. They show off a woman’s curves without fear of suffocation — in fact, many women say that their skinnies are their most comfortable pair of jeans. When you wear skinnies, you project that you’re fashion-forward and energetic.

Best for: Any activity that requires a lot of motion — since they won’t slide down — and a polished appearance. Wear while traveling, going for a walk or jumping around at an outdoor concert.

Party hardy with a flare

January Jones out for lunch

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Look around the next party you attend. Who is wearing flare jeans? Most likely, it’s the women who are confident and commanding in a group setting.

Best for: A night on the town. Or, if you’re like January Jones, a nice lunch with toddler in tow.

Daring and sexy super-skinnies

Jamelia outside ITV studios

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Not sure what super-skinny jeans look like? Think of jeggings. These jeans are so tight and so elastic that they could pass for leggings in the right light. Super-skinnies communicate sexiness, sultriness and confidence.

Best for: Clubbing. Rock concerts. Radio interviews. But please, ladies, don’t wear these to work or your daughter’s preschool.

Trendy and unique vintage wear

Karlie Kloss during fashion week

Photo credit: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com

Vintage jeans, like high-waisted bell-bottoms, totally have their place in fashion. They’re incredibly versatile and they allow women to create a unique look that others can’t copy. If you wear vintage jeans of any kind, you communicate that you’re bold and unafraid.

Best for: Anything. Vintage wear allows you to create a unique look that can fit anything you want to do. And since it’s trendy without trying too hard, you really don’t need to worry about a misstep.

Maxin’ and relaxin’ boyfriend jeans

Selma Blair out running errands

Photo credit: WENN.com

Could boyfriend jeans look any more comfortable? A nicely fitted pair of boyfriend jeans suggests that you’re casual, laid-back and approachable.

Best for: Running errands, completing household chores or walking the dog. They’re perfect for active women or a casual chic weekend.

Straight-laced and boot cut

Julia Roberts outside Ed Sullivan Theater

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Every woman needs a pair of boot-cut jeans in her closet. These jeans say that you’re powerful and feminine.

Best for: Casual Fridays at work, presentations and first dates.

No-nonsense straight leg

Katie Holmes dresses up casual straight leg jeans with pumps

Photo credit: TNYF/WENN.com

Straight-leg jeans get no love, and that’s really a shame. They’re flattering, but they also suggests that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Wear them with a ponytail and you’ll look completely adorable.

Best for: Multitasking moms. Are you going to work, then happy hour, then grocery shopping? The straight-leg is for you.

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