Your butt will love this guide to jeans

Before wading through hundreds of boyfriend jeans, make sure you know what a jean cut means in terms of style, length and comfort.

Flare jeans

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When it comes to a flare cut, the actual flare of the jeans matters less than the start of the flare. A flare cut jean will fit snugly around the waist, booty and thighs, and then begin to flare out just below the knee.

Fit tip: The flare of the jean can make this a very forgiving cut for women who carry a little extra weight through the thighs and knees.

Skinny jeans

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Your skinny jeans are designed to fit very snugly from your waist all the way down to your ankles. Thankfully, modern styles include elastic in the jean material, so the snugness won’t translate into discomfort.

Fit tip: Don’t play around with a low waistline on a skinny jean. The elastic in the fabric will cause the jean to slide down over your booty if it’s not fitted firmly around your actual waist.

Boot cut jeans

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Boot-cut jeans are fitted around the waist and taper into the knee until they flare at the top or middle of the calf muscle.

Fit tip: Boot-cut jeans were originally created to fit around a boot, but can also be folded to fit inside a knee-high shoe for winter. The cut can also make them look like skinny jeans when they’re smushed into a boot.

Straight-leg jeans

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Just like the name suggests, straight-leg jeans are straight from the waist all the way down to the ankle. The leg should be fairly narrow (although a little wiggle room is nice), and there should be no flare or tapering throughout its length.

Fit tip: We love straight-leg jeans as an update to the reviled mommy jean cut. They’re forgiving, comfortable and they look great with a pair of pumps.

Boyfriend jeans

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The boyfriend jeans are tricky for a lot of body types. They are fitted around the waist or hips, but lie loosely around the booty and the thighs before tapering in for and hitting just above the ankle. Boyfriend jeans should have a low waistline and look slouchy and comfortable.

Fit tip: These jeans are comfortable, but they should be paired with a fitted top to keep it casual chic.

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