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Shark photobombs that you won’t believe

Let’s be honest, being photobombed is typically annoying. However, if you’re being photobombed by a shark, it’s completely worth it… that is, if you can actually survive the snapshot! So, check out these awesome shark photobombs. Some are fake, some are real, but all of them are disturbing.

It’s hard to scream under water

You don’t have to be there to know this guy is screaming his heart out.

Unsuspecting divers
We have yet to confirm if this camera was found in the belly of the shark.

People are friends, not food
Either Bruce from Finding Nemo is making new friends or this girl just took the last selfie of her life.

My kids will love this
“Look honey, he’s smiling! Oh, wait…”

Let me get in on this one, bro

This selfie totally just scored this kid a date or two.

A whale of a tale

Thoughts of this whale shark: “You want a good vacation photo? I’ll give you a good vacation photo.”

Like a boss
This photo makes the GoPro worth every single penny.

Whatever you do, don’t move

So, are you supposed to play dead, or what?

Please tell me you’ve already eaten
Is it just me, or do they look a little hungry?

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