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Teeny tiny puppy ferociously bogarts the food bowl (VIDEO)

In the words of William Shakespeare, though this puppy be but little, it is fierce. There are certain things in life you just don’t mess with, and in this puppy’s case, kibble tops that list.
Its much larger canine companion simply wants a nibble, but every time it comes near the bowl, the pup ferociously sounds off. And who can blame it? That’s pretty much how I feel every time my husband asks for “just a little bite” of my favorite chocolate bar.

Rest assured, though, we all realize this pint-size puppy has some food aggression issues that need to be addressed. But can’t we just take a minute to enjoy this video for its irresistible combination of cuteness and hilarity?

We’re looking at you, oh-so-serious Facebook brow furrowers.

Besides, let’s give credit where credit is due — somebody should throw that big dog a bone for not saying to heck with the kibble and making an appetizer (or ap-pup-tizer, perhaps?) out of little cranky.

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