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The makeup look that every music festival attendee should try

Shea Marie

Finish your festival look with a pretty, temporary face tattoo.

t It no secret that I’m a festival lover. Going on eight straight years at Coachella, three at Lollapalooza and dozens of smaller festivals around the world. I’ve learned a thing or two about how to get the perfect festival look.

t One of my favorite ways to make my look fun and flirty is by using temporary tattoos around my eyes. Hearts, stars and peace signs are my personal favorites. It can be a little tricky putting a temporary tattoo on your face because you obviously have to do it after you put your makeup on, but then how are you supposed to get your face wet with a washcloth to make the tattoo stick without rubbing off your makeup and making an absolute mess?!


t My little trick is Q-tips cotton swabs. Seeing that the size of the tattoo will be quite smaller than even a penny, you don’t need a lot of water to make it stick. What I do is wet both ends of the cotton swab with hot water and then press down on all areas of the little tattoo for about 10 seconds each. Easy-peasy and no stress about ruining your makeup.

t Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with Q-tips and SheKnows.

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