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This rare hybrid could be the world’s cutest barnyard baby ever (VIDEO)

Napoleon Dynamite’s favorite animal may be a liger, but we currently can’t stop cooing over a sweet little lesser-known hybrid: Butterfly, the baby geep.

Yep, you read that right: a geep. You see, Butterfly was born at My Petting Zoo in Scottsdale, Arizona, after Momma the sheep got — as 12 News reporter Bryan West puts it — “knocked up” by Michael the pygmy goat.

While our first inclination was to imagine a creature akin to Grover, the satyr in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the reality isn’t nearly so fantastical. Rather, adorable Butterfly has the hooves and head of a goat and the wooly fleece of a sheep. The latter of which is mottled with black spots.

Which essentially means she’s really frickin’ cute. So move over zebroids, beefalos and leopons… the geep just hijacked the top spot in the hierarchy of supercool hybrids.

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