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14 Shark Week-inspired accessories — they won’t bite you


For those of you out of the loop, Shark Week is nearly upon us, so the obvious question is: What are we wearing?

Shark Week starts Sunday, and Sharknado 2 will be out in theaters for one night only on Aug. 21. Not surprisingly, star of the film Tara Reid, has created a shark-related product to sell. Her artistic take? A lavender perfume that she’s calling Shark by Tara.

We thought we would dig up some other chic shark accessories that you could wear to any Shark Week parties you might be attending or throwing, or just because you want to live every week like it’s Shark Week.

So here you have it, some Shark Week chic:

1. Shark stud earrings

Shark stud earrings

If tiny little ear studs are in, these sterling shark studs are in deep. (Etsy, $60)

2. Shark tooth ring wrap

Shark tooth ring wrap

I remember being on Florida vacations in the ’90s and going nuts over shark tooth necklaces. But this double shark ring wrap? I would wear this right now and never look back. (Etsy, $75)

3. Shark socks

Shark socks

These may not be high fashion, per se, but they sure are hilarious. (Modcloth, $10)

4. Shark bite cuff

Shark bite cuff

This shark cuff is sure to drop jaws, for a price. (, $254)

5. Shark print Toms

Shark prints Toms

You know what they say about a shark and how it never stops moving or it dies? Yeah, these sneaks will help you stay on the move in style. (, $85)

6. Shark fin ring

Shark fin ring

Here’s another ring but this time it has that fin-out-of-water fear and fab factor. (Etsy, $45)

7. Black shark tooth necklace

Black shark tooth necklace

What’s black, gold and so hot it’s nearly predatory? This necklace, that’s what. (Kei Jewelry, $70)

8. Gold shark tooth necklace

Barley shark gold shark tooth necklace

Wanting to go more subtle and dainty with your shark chic? This gold ditty is for you. (Etsy, $50)

9. Jumbo shark tooth studs

Jumbo shark tooth studs

Just another shark tooth pair of earrings. (Etsy, $20)

10. Gemstone shark bracelet

Gemstone shark bracelet

Remember that rocking double shark tooth ring? Now you can make it a shark arm party. (Etsy, $80)

11. Shark headphones

Shark headphones

Listen to us on this one — these are amazing. (, $11)

12. Shiny shark leggings

Shiny shark leggings

If you wear these in the water, I promise you a shark will bite you. (Black Milk, $75)

13. The Ultimate Sharkini

The Ultimate Sharkini

Wear this “sharkini” to look like you got bitten by the fashion bug. (Bad Aby Desgins, $120)

14. More shark earrings

More shark earrings

The only shark bite that you’ll find cute. (Asian iCandy, $15)

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