10 Reasons we're wishing Obama a happy 53rd birthday

Aug 4, 2014 at 5:54 p.m. ET
Image: Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Today, Barack Obama blows out 53 candles on his birthday cake. Wish him a very happy birthday by celebrating 10 reasons why we love the President.

1. Because he jumps on the #ThrowbackThursday bandwagon


2. Because he gets Queen B to sing for him (and she is actually one of his BFFs)

Beyonce singing

Photo credit: ABC

3. Because of his love for Michelle



4. Because he respects history


5. Because he knows how to dust his shoulders off

dirt off your shoulders

Photo credit: brandan313 via YouTube

6. Because he knows how to have fun with the kids



7. Because he knows how to comfort a crying baby

Barack Obama and baby

Photo credit: The Daily Conversation/WH.gov

8. Because he knows what's up


9. Because he did the Dougie with Ellen

Obama and Ellen doing the dougie

Photo credit: NBC/Ellen

10. Because this happened


Barack Obama

Happy birthday, Mr. President!


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