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Get a Parisian cat eye, It’s easier than it looks


I love rocking a good cat eye like the Parisians do. It adds such a chic flair to your makeup look. But let’s be honest, it never turns out quite like we want.


t It’s a comedy of errors trying to get the perfect width and the perfect length without an eyeful of ink. Q-tips Precision Tips are a lifesaver when it comes to creating a perfect cat eye. Here’s how to do it.


  1. Draw your cat eye and then use a damp cotton swab to even out both sides and remove any areas that may have gotten too thick.
  2. t

  3. Remove any liner/mascara that may have gotten on your lids and use the cotton swab to blend your eye shadow.

Another cool little trick is to use the end of the Q-tips cotton swabas a stencil for your line. This will ensure that you get a straight line on the outside of your cat eye.
To keep your look neat throughout the day, carry a few Q-tips Precision Tips with you to touch up under your eyes. Eyeliner will almost certainly smudge or find its way to other parts of your face, so use your cotton swabs on the go to remove excess.

tDisclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with Q-tips and SheKnows.

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