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Nifty beauty tips I actually use when traveling

The internet is filled with travel hacks, and if you’re like me then you think they’re super cool but probably never going to happen. Still, if you’re looking for some ideas for your next adventure, here are the travel tricks I actually use.

Clean jewelry with toothpaste and a Q-tips cotton swab

t I don’t clean my jewelry often, but when I do I’m usually on my way to something important, which leaves me in a pinch. The last time I went to a wedding I realized just how mucky my own rings had gotten and cleaned them up by using a Q-tips cotton swab and toothpaste. It’s kind of amazing how well it works… but I guess it makes sense, since that’s what’s keeping my teeth squeaky clean.

Baby powder in your hair as dry shampoo

t Dry shampoo is just one more travel-sized annoyance I’d have to buy when I travel, so instead I shake some baby powder in a plastic baggie and bring it with me. It’s perfect for when I travel to humid areas and when I don’t have time to wash my hair first thing in the morning.

Bring coconut oil as a multi-use product

t Coconut oil has so many uses: moisturizer, hair gel, makeup remover and shaving cream, to name a few, that I like to scoop a large tablespoon into an old lip balm pot. It always comes in handy, and it’s that many fewer products I need to pack.

Spray cotton swabs with your favorite perfume

t Travel-sized products are hard to come by, but finding something that’s fit for perfume is an even bigger pain. I like to spray cotton swabs with my favorite fragrance and keep them in a baggie. When I’m ready, I rub the cotton swabs on my pulse points. The fragrance is a little more subtle, but still better than trying to lug my perfume around with me.

tDisclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with Q-tips and SheKnows.

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