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Does the world really need a selfie phone?

From Kim Kardashian’s tuchas in a white bathing suit to the Oscars’ $1 billion Samsung selfie, it’s undeniable; people like to take pictures of themselves and share them online. A lot.

Rumor has it Microsoft is set to release a new “selfie” phone, code-named “Superman” with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. Microsoft also plans on releasing a companion high-end phone, code named Tesla, according to The Verge. Both devices were previewed at a company meeting this week by Stephen Elop, Microsoft’s head of devices. Does this mean we will never again be subjected to a selfie in a toothpaste-caked bathroom mirror? Maybe Microsoft is on to something here.

Do we really need a selfie phone? Aren’t selfies doing just fine without a dedicated device? Well fresh research shows that in a world where we connect more frequently online, the selfie is quickly becoming our digital “first impression” and should be handled with care. The study conducted at the Department of Psychology at the University of New York shows that the specific shape of the jaw, mouth and eyes influence how approachable, dominant or attractive a person is believed to be based solely on a selfie first impression.

“Showing that even supposedly arbitrary features in a face can influence people’s perceptions suggests that careful choice of a photo could make (or break) others’ first impressions of you,” Richard Vernon, a member of the research team says.

So maybe the selfie phone is the right tool at the right time to help everyone up their game. The Microsoft “selfie” phone should hit the market in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out these selfie tips from some of the hottest women on the planet and W Magazine.

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