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Giuliana Rancic dyes her hair platinum: Love it or hate it?

There’s a new blonde in town, and she didn’t just lighten up her dark locks — she went platinum.

According to Giuliana Rancic, it was do or “dye”: “I’m a big fan of ‘go big or go home,’ so I don’t wanna do like wishy-washy. If I’m gonna do blond, I wanna do blond,” plus she didn’t even tell her husband Bill about her decision until afterwards.

And when she updated her Twitter profile pic, everyone went nuts. Because, well, we have nothing better to do I guess?

Giuliana Rancic dyes her hair platinum: Love it or hate it?

Photo credit: Giuliana Rancic via Twitter

As a blond-haired chick with blue eyes myself, I always dream of going really dark, and having that contrasting dark and light look, so I personally like the way her olive complexion and brown eyes contrast with the super-light hair.

Plus, she is self-admittedly loving the change. So does it matter what we think? Bleach, please, of course it does.

So what say you: love it or hate it?

And for your browsing enjoyment, here are 10 things you should know before going blond.

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