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13 Baby zoo animals to make you squee

Go ahead, we dare you not to clap your hands with delight at these pudgy and adorable baby zoo animals.

The unimpressed giraffe

“You didn’t bring me a snack? Not impressed. Not impressed at all.”

The guy that’s not sure about his buzz cut
“They told me the buzz cut would feel nice during the summer, but I think I look like a doofus.”

The sloth that’s just chillin’

“What’s up? Why are you in such a hurry?”

The drunk baby tiger
“Another round!”

The unlikely duo
“Be casual. I think we’ve been caught.”

The baby lion that just needs to cuddle

“Who said cats and dogs don’t get along?”

The smug baby hippo

“Go ahead and look — I’m sexy and I know it.”

The penguin that just loves life

“Welcome to my planet. It’s nice here. Bring a jacket.”

The ticklish gorilla
“Hey, what is this thing — oooooh!”

The koala baby that just needs to nap it out
“Nothing beats the armpit of a tree. Now leave me alone.”

The alert baby seal
“Holy moly, this water is frigid. Are my eyes giving it away?”

The chimp that is uncertain about its reverse mullet
“I knew I should have requested a side bang.”

The surprised polar bear
“Mom, you’re embarrassing me!”

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