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The busy mom’s guide to eliminate tough kid messes

Diana Mackie

Life with children can be quite the challenge, and keeping up with their messes might be the most difficult part of the whole deal. Use this guide to make even their toughest messes disappear ASAP so you can get back to the more enjoyable parts of child care, like cookie time and nap time.

1. Melted crayon

Use a low-heat setting on your iron and cover the problem area with a paper towel or brown paper bag. Apply the iron to melt the hardened crayon, and there’s no stain reign of terror.

Melted crayon

Photo credit: Creatively Southern on Hometalk

2. Dirty and sticky toys

Hydrogen peroxide is a safe, natural disinfectant — perfect for your children’s toys. Simply place the toys in a bucket or bowl and cover them with hydrogen peroxide. Once the toys dry, they’ll be ready for more action.

Dirty & sticky toys

Photo credit: Ask Anna Moseley on Hometalk

3. Melted plastic (on cookware)

Who hasn’t had a little chef make this mistake before? Well, luckily damage control will be a breeze with this tip: Put the pot or pan in the freezer. After a thorough overnight freezing, large chunks of the plastic should pop off with ease. For the remaining scraps, boil water in the pot or pan to soften the plastic. Finish the whole operation with a good wire-brush scrubbing.

Melted plastic (On cookware)

Photo credit: Cynthia H on Hometalk

4. Bed-wetting stains

Hometalk member Christine from First Home Love Life has cracked the code on this tricky mess once and for all. You’ll just need to mix one part mouthwash with two parts water and blot with newspaper. It’s that easy, and based on Christine’s 35,000 repins, it’s definitely tried and true.

Bed wetting stains

Photo credit: First Home Love Life on Hometalk

5. Tiny fingerprints and smudges

Whether your little ones are leaving their fingerprints on the walls or kitchen appliances, vinegar’s natural degreasing abilities will clean it all. First, wipe down the affected area with warm water, lemon and vinegar. To prevent the fingerprints from coming back, give your appliance (not your walls) a finishing coat of car wax (like Turtle Wax). Shine, buff and enjoy.

Tiny fingerprints & smudges

Photo credit: The Happier Homemaker on Hometalk

6. Nail polish on the floor

For carpets and hardwood floors, rubbing alcohol is your secret weapon. You’ll need to dab and blot more with carpets, but it will reverse the damage. Remember, with nail polish stains, the sooner you can get to them, the better.

Nail polish on the floor

Photo credit: Ask Anna Moseley on Hometalk

7. Unwanted drawings and doodles

For crayons depictions on the wall, just mix some cornstarch and water into a paste. Apply this simple, yet magical, paste to the affected area, allow it to dry, and be prepared to be amazed when you wipe it away.

Unwanted drawings and doodles

Photo credit: Ask Anna Moseley on Hometalk

8. Overall carpet and upholstery spills

In 10 minutes you can whip up the best carpet and upholstery cleaner out there — using everyday kitchen ingredients. Not only does it clean, but it will also restore the color.

This recipe is au naturel and uses your common household superheroes: 2 teaspoons vinegar, 4 tablespoons liquid dishwasher detergent, 1 cup water and 1 teaspoon household ammonia.

Overall carpet and upholstery spills

Photo credit: Jey Clean on Hometalk

Ready to take on the rest of the house? Hometalk has all the best cleaning tricks and tips to get the job done fast.

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