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This remarkable machine recycles plastic to save stray dogs

It’s a win for the planet and the poor homeless dogs of the streets. A Turkish company, Pugedon, has created a vending machine that gets people excited about recycling by providing food and water for stray pups with each and every donation.

Istanbul, a city located in Turkey, unfortunately has a very large stray dog population. Relying solely on scraps and the kindness of strangers, these dogs were becoming severely dehydrated and hungry without much relief. Deciding to do something about it, a local company, Pugedon, created a machine that could both pay for the food and help those poor, homeless pups remain healthy and viable. Using empty water bottles, the machine fills the dish using the excess water left in the bottles (aka your backwash), the company then recycles those bottles to fund the kibble. An essential win-win-win for the environment, the dogs and the community. Where can we sign up for one of these genius machines in America?

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