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7 Awesome gift ideas for your girlfriends from crowdfunding sites

If you want to impress your girlfriends, look no further. Crowdfunding gives you an opportunity to show off.

t The majority of successful crowdfunding projects are about gadgets and video games. 85 percent of the backers on Kickstarter are men. But there is a growing number of campaigns targeting a female population. So if you want to impress your girlfriends, look no further. Crowdfunding gives you an opportunity to show off.

t Let’s look at some of the campaigns currently active on Kickstarter and Indiegogo:

t Jordan Warren from Georgia has a product for coffee lovers. His project Hey Joe Coffee Mug — Brew Joe on the Go promises: “Now you can brew coffee inside of your mug to the perfect drinking temperature anytime, anywhere, at the push of a button.” Mugs for early-bird prices disappeared within the first days of the campaign, but you still can pre-order a mug for $49, 40 percent off the future retail price.


t If you or your friends are into gardening, don’t miss this project from San Francisco: Edyn: Welcome to the connected garden. Edyn is a smart garden system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions to help your plants thrive. It lets you know what’s happening in your garden at all times. Whether you’re a novice gardener or an expert farmer, Edyn is there to take the guesswork out of gardening. More than 1,500 people have pre-ordered Edyns on Kickstarter already.


t Did you know that one in three women, no matter where in the world she lives, is going to become a victim of rape or attempted rape over a lifetime? There is a device that can help you in dangerous situations. It’s called Safelet, a safety bracelet that allows you to send out an emergency alert to your friends, family and the police with just one click. The Safelet looks like a fashion accessory, but when you need help, just click on the alert button, and those who are included in your “guardian network” will know that you are in danger. The bracelet also has a microphone which will start recording and transmitting the events after the signal. It is available on for pre-order on Indiegogo for $99.


t — Smart plant watering project on Indiegogo is for those of us who live in tiny city apartments or have a mobile lifestyle. This inexpensive (only $33) and simple system will constantly monitor the dryness of the soil and water it when needed. You can access and manage the device from your smartphone or computer to make sure your plants are getting just right amount of water.


t Not everybody can afford spending hundreds of dollars on gifts. Here is a fun product to make your friend smile: Clingies & Docking Dots — a simple design for simple people. Simple and functional Docking Dots and Clingies are perfect for the gym, kitchen, shop, bathroom or anywhere else towels are used. And you can get one on Kickstarter for just $11.


t Want to look like a thoughtful kitchen helper on the cheap? Get a Tweak on Kickstarter and you will never touch the food waste while removing it from the sink again. TWEAK doesn’t just keep your kitchen sink draining smoothly, but solves the problem of scooping cold leftovers out of the sink with your bare fingers. It comes in four vivid colors and two sizes and costs only $8 when pre-ordered on the crowdfunding platform.


t ALEGORY: Expect more from your shoes is a dream come true for those who struggle with the love for style and necessity for mobility. French designers have come up with a solution: removable-heel shoes for a modern active lifestyle. Two pumps, three heights, four heels, in many colors and materials for more than a 1,000 possibilities. One pair of shoes with two pairs of heels is available on Indiegogo for 175 Euro.

t These are just a few examples of the products you can dig on crowdfunding websites. So get creative, find something unique for yourself or a friend while supporting innovative projects and their enthusiastic creators.

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