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How to totally revamp a room for under $100 (INFOGRAPHIC)

We’re Jonathan and Drew Scott—best known as The Property Brothers. Each week on HGTV we help people improve, buy and sell homes. Here are a few of our favorite ways to change the look of a room for under $100.

The Property Brothers

Photo credit: The Property Brothers

The arrival of spring calls for sprucing up your home. You may not be ready for (or need) a big makeover. Happily, smaller efforts can have large impact. Here are smart ways to upgrade your home for less than $100.


Low-cost paint can make a big splash. It may take more than $100 worth of paint to cover a whole room, especially if it requires a second coat. But think of paint like makeup for your home­­­, a way of accenting and enhancing it. If one of your rooms feels a bit blah, maybe the paint colors are too bland or you’re just tired of them. Choose a complementary shade that makes you feel good and use it on one wall; you’ll be surprised how it will make the room pop. In most paint stores you can purchase a variety of returned colors for a fraction of the price. This may not be enough to paint a whole room but is usually perfect for a feature wall.

Or, leave the walls alone and paint what some designers call the fifth wall: the ceiling. Consider making it the same hue as the trim or (with neutral walls) one that echoes your furnishings or window treatments. Just don’t paint it dark; in our experience, lighter ceilings work best, whether you’re living in the home or trying to sell it. One tried-and-true technique: Choose the color on your walls or wallpaper and make it a few shades lighter for your ceiling.

We sometimes use paint in an accent color to highlight the back or the entire inside of bookcases or glass-front cabinets. It adds character to simple storage.


Accessorizing isn’t just for fashion. Buy a couple of pretty, go-to vases to hold flowers. Swap tired lampshades for ones with more pizzazz. Edit your knick-knacks, toss or put away the weaker ones and show what’s left; choose your favorite, buy a couple of similar ones and you’ll have a grouping. Replacing knobs and pulls can update drawers and cabinets (if doing a whole kitchen is too pricey, just splurge on special ones for the island). Focus on things that are functional as well as attractive; for example, a lacquered tray and a matching box where you can stash remote controls or other clutter.

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