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DIY sweater infinity scarf

Craft a knitted scarf (without actually knitting) by skillfully repurposing an old sweater!

t With winter in full swing, I am here to teach you a fun way to transform an old sweater into a stylish new scarf. Simply snatch one from a thrift store, your closet or your donate pile! This tutorial is super easy, and the project requires no sewing. Of course, you can sew the scarf if you prefer to, but you don’t have to. With just a few snips of the scissors, you will be sporting a warm scarf in no time.

t Let’s get started!



  • Sweater
  • t

  • Scissors
  • t

  • Sewing machine (optional)


tDIY Infinity Scarf

t 1. Lay the sweater flat on either a table or the floor. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles.

t Tip: The size of the sweater will determine the size and length of the finished scarf. The larger the sweater, the larger the finished scarf.

tDIY Infinity Scarf

t 2. Using a pair of scissors, cut right under where the sleeves start. If you are using a larger sweater, cut a few inches down from where the sleeves begin.

t 3. Gently pull off any loose fibers by running your fingers along the cut edges.

tOptional step: Run the cut edges under a sewing machine to create a smooth edge where you’ve cut.

tDIY Infinity Scarf

t 4. Loop the scarf over your head so it hangs down like a necklace.

t 5. If there is enough fabric, double-loop the scarf around your neck.

t And that’s it — you’ve created an infinity scarf with one simple cut!

t This is such a simple way to add stylish texture, volume and possibly color to your outfit. It’s great worn alone or with a coat.

t You can do more with the rest of the sweater. Save the sleeves and neckline for another project such as making an earmuff-type headband, footless socks for boots or even fingerless gloves. It is easy to discover new uses for unused items if you just let your imagination run wild!

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