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DIY rose petal phone case


A simple DIY tutorial designed to make your Valentine’s Day roses last longer.

t I’m Kelly Dixon from Smart School House, and I am obsessed with roses! They are elegant, bold and very feminine. Plus, the scent of a rose leaves me feeling calm and happy.

t I received a bouquet of beautiful roses this Valentine’s Day. The rose bouquet spent several days in its pretty little vase filled with fresh water. But I wanted to create a way to enjoy the flowers longer. I pulled a few roses out and got to work creating a stunning rose petal phone case!

DIY rose petal phone case



  • 1 real rose (in any color)
  • t

  • Clear phone case

t DIY Rose Petal Phone Case



  1. Carefully place the rose petals inside the clear phone case. Be sure to arrange the rose petals around the camera lens so that they do not hinder your ability to take photos.
  2. t

  3. Once you have your petals arranged, slowly press your phone into the case. After doing so, take a look at the sides of the phone and make sure that the rose petals don’t cover any buttons, speakers or important phone equipment.
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  5. If you need to rearrange any of the petals, simply remove the case and gently make adjustments. The beautiful thing about this DIY project is that the rose petals will stay in place, meaning that little adjustments are easy to make.

DIY Rose Petal Phone Case

t Now you can carry your pressed rose petals around with you each day! The rose-petal phone case is very striking and is sure to capture the attention of fellow flower lovers.

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