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The creepy chair that looks, feels and smells like human flesh

Whenever I think of comfort, fat folds are always what come to mind first. Forget about velvet. True luxury can only be found in designer pieces that look, feel and even smell like human flesh. Um… gag.

Gigi Baker, a London-based designer, has developed a chair that resembles the look, touch and aroma of human flesh. But don’t worry, it’s not actually skin — the chair is made entirely out of silicone. Yes, the same stuff that fake boobies are made out of.

Want one? Get in line. These babies won’t be available for purchase on the designer’s website until September. When they do finally hit the market, the chair will only cost you $2,545 (1,500 euros). A flesh-fetish ottoman will cost you extra. Sorry, folks. If you want the goods, you’ll have to pay.

Wait, what? You don’t want a chair that looks like an old man’s beer belly? Can’t you imagine two of them, side by side in your living room, together as matching pair? Um… OK. Perhaps it’s best not to imagine two of these suckers in that way. I mean, they already look so similar to certain male anatomy that it’s disturbing.

Maybe a more practical use?

Just think… these could be perfect for little babies.

Or, maybe for your child’s playroom.

Still creeped out? Well, then you definitely won’t want to put them out in the open, where people will see them.

But, if you must, you could hide them with more creepy flesh-like stuff.

Or, you could just not buy them at all, like the rest of us. Your call.

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