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NRA video argues for mandatory guns for school kids

NRA News commentator and self-proclaimed “thinker” Billy Johnson wants you to look at U.S. gun policy in a different way. A very different way.
In a new video for NRA News he lays out his rationale for re-writing gun policy in America to acknowledge guns are an individual right that should be as supported and protected by the government as voting or public education.

“We don’t have a U.S. gun policy,” Johnson says. “We have a U.S. anti-gun policy.”

He says current gun policy assumes guns are bad and dangerous. Instead, we should look at guns as necessary and something that improves American lives, he adds. Gun policy should written from the perspective that guns are a “need” and that starts, he says, with arming every school kid.

In fact, Johnson, dressed more like a Portland hipster than Duck Dynasty outdoor enthusiast in thick black glasses and black T-shirt, says we should make guns and gun education compulsory in schools because it’s just as important as reading.

“It wouldn’t matter if they didn’t want to learn, we would make it mandatory to advance to the next grade,” Johnson says. And if parents aren’t willing or able to shoot guns with their kids, no sweat, just find them a gun mentor.

He goes on to explain that like other basic rights, the government should subsidize the exercise of the right to bear arms. Johnson imagines government gun ranges where you could shoot for free, and a yearly allotment of ammunition provided by the Feds.

Undoubtedly Johnson expects his ideas to draw some fire — if you’ll excuse the pun — from gun control advocates. But, that’s all in a day’s work.

“I didn’t make these videos so people would agree with me, Johnson says. “I made these videos because I want to get people to think about things in a different way. I think a world where we all agree on things we should be really concerned about.

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