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7 Ways to throw the perfect party

Sabrina Soto

?Throwing a party doesn’t mean you automatically switch to stress mode. Things don’t have to be picture perfect. Though, if you keep a checklist of things you need and stay organized, you AND your guests will have a great time. Every party should be fun and an opportunity to show off your creative side!

t Give your party character by mixing and matching your dishware with colors and beautiful patterns.

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t Paper lanterns are great for outdoor evening parties, adding for just the right amount of sparkle! Want to save money? Make your own!

t I always incorporate fresh flowers into my centerpieces for color and charm.

t Keep it personal and make your own place settings. Handwritten is always more special and fun!

t Prepare everything you can the night before such as snacks, plate settings and favors. This saves you time and an unnecessary headache the day of.

t Plenty of space and seating is key! Arrange your furniture in such a way that circulation isn’t an issue. Try moving your chairs together to create a bench-like seating arrangement.

t Create a signature cocktail. Mine is a Spicy Soto (Spicy White Wine Sangria). Here are a few ideas for three spicy cocktails to get your creative juices flowing!


Note: Keep your prepared food warm in an oven warmed at 200 degrees.

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