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The world’s largest closet is sparking some controversy

Theresa Roemer is a Houston, Texas, entrepreneur and philanthropist with a closet straight out of a fashion fairy tale. This isn’t just Classy Closets nice. No, Roemer’s Louboutins reside in a museum-quality, three-story, 3,000-square-foot, half-a-million dollar palace. When you’re a lady with 60 Hermes Birkin bags you can’t just throw those suckers anywhere.

Theresa Roemer shows off her $500,000 closet

Photo credit: Neiman Marcus, photographer Chinh Phan

But this Taj Ma-closet isn’t just a spot for Roemer to change and display her collection of threads and accessories. This Mrs. Texas United America 2010 also puts on Champagne parties and charity fundraisers in the remarkable space.

“There’s no reason for me to have this amazing, gorgeous closet if I can’t do fundraisers in it, too, right?” Roemer says. “My closet is my dressing room, but more importantly, it’s my retreat. I like to call it my ‘female man-cave.'”

Theresa Roemer shows off her $500,000 closet

Photo credit: Neiman Marcus, photographer Chinh Phan

Roemer’s She Cave is bursting with pricey goodies, from Roemer’s enviable collection of Chanel bags to her glistening shelves filled with jewels. Everywhere you look around her closet is a feast for the fashion-forward eye.

“I planned it the way I dress,” Roemer says. “With it being a three-story space, I have my furs and hats on the third floor, and my shoes, clothes and vanity on the second floor (which is also where I get my hair and makeup done, where the champagne bar is and where I ultimately think about the look I’m going for. And finally, the first floor is where I keep my jewelry and my handbags; those are the last pieces I put on to finalize any outfit.”

Roemer’s closet was first highlighted on the Neiman Marcus blog and the write-up sparked quite a few nasty comments from readers.

Take a look at this one from commenter, Mary, “I would love to see what kind of car this beast drives. It has to be over the top ridiculous, with vanity plates, of course. Does anyone know? I need a good laugh!”

Or this one from another, “She talks about everything in all of the articles across the web except the most important thing: the man who paid for every single bit of it all, her husband the immasculated [sic] Lamar Roemer. Selfish, gold digger proven by her actions.”

Theresa Roemer shows off her $500,000 closet

Photo credit: Neiman Marcus, photographer Chinh Phan

Earlier today, Roemer responded to the comments, rarely a good idea, by trying to take the high road.

“In honoring what I believe personally, any current and future negative posts will result in a $1 donation to Child Legacy International in the name of the signature of the post-er,” she wrote.

And while online trolls are nothing if not predictably nasty, many of these comments go after her just because she’s a woman of obvious privilege and wealth. As if her very existence was offensive, not just her ostentatious closet. Sure, the closet is a bit over-the-top, but is it more offensive than Jay Leno’s car collection? Or how about George Lucas’ $1 billion art museum? Those seriously baller displays of wealth don’t draw quite as much ire. Why are Roemer’s valuable collection of gorgeous shoes, bags, jewels and furs more offensive?

Perhaps its just a case of haters-be-hatin’. What do you think? Does Roemer’s closet irritate or inspire? Let us know in the comments.

Take a tour of this closet

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