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The smartest beach bag ever


We’ve all been there: lovely day at the beach, the salt in our hair, a frothy drink in our hand… and like three pounds of sand in our bag. Every single time.

You can be the most meticulous perfectionist when it comes to adding and removing items, you can shake out that towel and not even put it back in the bag at day’s end, but because sand is a wicked beast, it will find its way into your bag, and then your car and then your house (and your bed).

Is it the cost of a sunny day at the beach? Penance for summer fun? No one can be sure, but this cosmic trade-off is finally a thing of the past thanks to a new tote bag called Shake.

Just watch the video and be amazed for a second that you didn’t think of this:
Yes, it has a mesh bottom.

Yes, it is adorable and has a pop of color and is exactly what you’d want in a beach tote anyway.

Yes, it is affordable ($39).

Yes, you should be abandoning this article and buying one right now.

Shake bags are magical, in that they have a reversible flap that is pinned to either side, which lets you hide or reveal the mesh netting whenever you need to: items in, sand out. When you feel like too much sand has crept in, you just flip the flap and shake your Shake until all the sand is out.

Genius, eh?

Oh and also, it’s made of a coated canvas that repels water. So congratulations, Happy Summer; now you have 99 problems but a beach ain’t one.

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