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10 Products for a polished look on the go


Daniela Ramirez of Nany’s Klozet shares her fresh and chic morning routine.


t I’m all about looking chic and fresh all day long. Here’s a look at my morning essentials that help get me ready for the day.


tGreen Juice-Raw Juz (; Tory Burch rollerball perfume (, $25); Cosabelle Lingerie-Trenta Ombre (, $85); Dolce & Gabana Mosaico Sunglasses (, $700); Carefree Acti-Fresh Pantiliners (, $3); Yves St Laurent lip stick (, $35); Earrings-similar styles available (, $12); Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara (, $15); Chanel Powder Makeup (, $53); Leopard Print Purse (

  1. Fresh green juice: I have been adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet, and drinking a green juice is the perfect way to start your day a little healthier.
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  3. A roll-on perfume: You can apply it before heading out, or take it with you in your bag and reapply as needed.
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  5. The cutest ombre lingerie: I think that when we are wearing cute underwear, our overall confidence increases.
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  7. Sunglasses to hide your under-eye circles in the morning.
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  9. Carefree Acti-Fresh Pantiliners to stay fresh throughout the day.
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  11. A red/orange lipstick is the best way to look put together in seconds.
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  13. Statement earrings make me feel like I’m ready to conquer the world.
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  15. Mascara to make your eyes look brighter and awake.
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  17. A little bit of foundation or powder to hide minor imperfections.
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  19. And… a trendy bag that updates any look instantly.

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t Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with Carefree and SheKnows.

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