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Steal Elle Fanning’s teen style


Elle Fanning may have just celebrated her sweet 16th birthday, but we swear she’s got a fashion sense that’s way wise beyond her years, right? A little bit girly and 100 percent unique, her offbeat looks are ones we’d be stoked to copy at any age. Learn how you too can snag her iconic style for less with these to-die-for doppelganger outfits.

Casual Cool Sleeping Beauty

Photo credit: Kento Nara/Future Image/

Remember the epic Disney T-shirt dress Elle rocked on a flight to the Tokyo premiere of Maleficent last month? Albeit out there, the actress somehow managed to pull it off perfectly. “Of the Disney princesses Sleeping Beauty was my favorite because I looked like her the most, so I’d always gravitate towards her items at the toy store,” she revealed in a recent interview with The Daily Beast. Um whoa, she really does — how crazy. If sporting a full-on Sleeping Beauty frock isn’t exactly your style though, you can tone down Elle’s daring look by slipping into an Aurora crop top with a basic blue high-waisted skirt and some fun heels instead.

Casual Cool Sleeping Beauty collage

The “ugly sandal” outfit

The "Ugly Sandal” Outfit

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The ugly sandal trend is back and better than ever. And we say if Elle can hop on board then so can you. The teenage trendsetter grabbed some frozen yogurt with her dad this Father’s Day in a simple outfit we’re pretty sure we’d look like a total bum in. Naturally, however, Elle was anything but that. She radiated coolness in her white Birkenstock sandals styled with some lightly colored blue jeans, a basic striped T-shirt, some seriously rad sunglasses and a matching Miu Miu purse to top it all off. Steal her daytime ensemble and those exact same Birkenstocks below.

The "Ugly Sandal” Outfit

Runway ready pastel perfection

Runway Ready Pastel Perfection

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As the brand new face of Miu Miu, we guess it’s sort of Elle’s job to look drop-dead gorgeous at their events. And drop-dead gorgeous she did look at their Fall 2014 fashion show. Elle mixed-and-matched a plethora of pastels, pairing a purple pleated houndstooth miniskirt with a matching yellow houndstooth crop top and an exquisite pale blue coat, which was layered on over top. She has never been shy about her love for layers either. In the same interview mentioned above, Elle told The Daily Beast, “I prefer to layer with a cute jacket because the more accents and layers you put into an outfit, the more of a sense of self it gives it.” We agree. And now we’ll just sit here and drool over this cotton candy ensemble. Um, can we say obsessed?

Runway Ready Pastel Perfection

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