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American Girl brings moms and daughters together

A trip to American Girl Place is a special event for girls of any age. Let me tell you about our recent experience; you’ll want to schedule a trip of your own.

t As you may have read here, my daughter and I were recently invited to visit the American Girl Doll Place in Los Angeles. We had such a wonderful time. I was just looking at the photos I captured while we were there, and I’d love to share them with you.

t We arrived to The Grove in Los Angeles at about 10 a.m. My daughter, Stella, brought her American Girl double stroller with her, along with her American Girl, one of her Bitty Twins, and some American Girl pets (a cat and a dog to be exact). When we arrived at the store, we were greeted with lots of pink and excitement everywhere.

t After a quick stroll around the store, we headed up to the Cafe for lunch. We highly recommend the American Girl Cafe, especially for birthdays or mother/daughter days. It is a really good idea to make a reservation because this is a popular place to dine.


t To start, the fun waiters and waitresses brought out fresh veggies, fruit and bread. Stella ordered a mini cheeseburger and a mini hot dog. How cute is that? She also ordered a watermelon smoothie and was in pure bliss. Both of her dolls got to sit next to her in high chairs. Speaking of her dolls at the table, you should also know that the American Girl Cafe serves tiny plates and cups to your dolls that you get to take home as a souvenir (cheers to free stuff, right moms?).

t For dessert, they served us adorably fashioned treats in true American Girl style. Pink cookies, flower pudding cups and sweets to make you smile. We were stuffed and ready to tackle some shopping. Plus, we didn’t want to be late for Stella’s American Girl Doll salon appointment.


t Remember in my 5 Tips for Planning Your Trip to American Girl article I mentioned that they will pierce your doll’s ears? Well, we went for it and they turned out perfectly. You can see as she is getting her hair styled (Stella picked out that hairdo) that her little star earrings are in place. How fun is that?

t After lots of shopping and lots of salon time, we headed out with a couple of gigantic red American Girl Doll shopping bags. Want to know what Stella picked out? She decided on:

t This bubble bath



t A Dalmatian puppy


t The Bitty Sweetie elephant


t I think she shopped like any 4-year-old girl would. I can tell you that this bubble bath will be loved. She’s already played with it several times since we got home. She can pretend to bathe her dolls and her animals.

t We genuinely loved our time at the American Girl Place in Los Angeles and we hope that you can visit it if you are ever in the area. You might want to check out the store locator to see if there is an American Girl Doll store in your area by clicking here.

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