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Dogs in wheelchairs still love to play fetch (VIDEO)

If ever you’re feeling frustrated by your circumstances, watch these incredible dogs for an inspirational pick-me-up. They don’t let anything ruin the sheer joy of a rousing round of fetch… not even having only two legs.
No back legs? No biggie! When you’re these exuberant doggies, all you need are a nice set of wheels and a positive outlook to make the most of life. That and an incredibly cool human who’ll take you on nice long walks and throw sticks to you.

These biped pups haven’t just adapted to their conditions, they’ve chosen to keep on keeping on. With the exception of the wheels supporting their hind quarters, they’re no different from their four-legged compatriots.

So, if ever you start to think you can’t overcome a particular challenge, cue up these cute pups for an adorable reminder that life is what you make it.

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