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Amazing! This feeder by Bistro recognizes your cat’s face

You’ve done it a million times. It’s time to feed the cats, so you throw some food in a bowl and let the little furry darlings sort out the rest.
Now, with a little help from facial recognition technology, entrepreneur Mu-Chi Sung and his company 42ARK have created a cat feeder that recognizes each of your cats, tracks how much they eat and even keeps you posted wherever you are through a smartphone app. Has anyone told Taylor Swift about this yet?

Mu-Chi’s smart cat feeder, called the Bistro, was inspired by his own cat Momo. Mu-Chi was feeding all of his cats out of a communal bowl, so he didn’t realize it when Momo stopped eating. It was only when little Momo was so sick and lying paralyzed on the floor with acute pancreatitis that he knew something was wrong. Little Momo was rushed to the vet. She lost her two hind legs, but after a month of recovery was miraculously back playing with her friends. But the close call made Mu-Chi realize he needed a smarter solution. Had he recognized earlier that Momo had stopped eating, he could have gotten her treatment much sooner. His solution: the Bistro smart cat feeder, complete with biometric facial recognition technology.

Bistro smart cat feeder app tracks your kitty’s weight, how much each cat is eating and even lets you watch your cats nosh remotely, if you’re so inclined. And if one of your cats is eating an abnormal amount of food, an alert is sent right to your smartphone. There’s even an online cat community for you to share all of your images and feline-related thoughts.

42ARK is currently trying to raise money and gain traction with the Bistro on Indiegogo. So, for now, you can get a single Bistro cat feeder for $159, while supplies last. A pretty good deal, according to Mu-Chi, since the Bistro will likely retail for at least $249.

Mu-Chi told Time magazine he’s looking to apply the facial recognition to track feline bathroom habits, although in a moment of self-awareness he concedes that it might be “a little bit creepy.”

Ya think?

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