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5 Innovative bra technologies you have to try

Raise your hand if you actually enjoy wearing bras. We’ll keep waiting (this could take a while). Few women would likely say they’re thrilled to wear a bra every day and we think we know why.

Between uncomfortable underwires and slipping straps, bras can be a major pain in the you know what. Sure, they support our best assets and help make clothes look more polished, but you can’t deny the fact that many bras are plain ole uncomfortable.

That’s why we’re abundantly happy that the top bra brands out there are working overtime to produce designs that fit well and don’t, you know, suffocate you and your girls. These are five innovative bra technologies we’re definitely excited to check out.

1. Victoria’s Secret’s Memory Fit Bras

We’ve heard of memory foam pillows and even shoes, but bras? Yeah, that’s something new. It makes sense when you think about it, though. Over time, your bras stretch out and lose their shape, so if you can mold them to your body right from the get go, why not? Victoria’s Secret Memory Fit technology bras feel soft to the touch and conform to your curves, so you’ll get the best possible fit.

Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria Demi Bra (Victoria's Secret, $43-59)

Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria Demi Bra (Victoria’s Secret, $43-59)

2. Bali Passion for Comfort bras

We’re always looking for soft, comfy bras, but a lot of bras fitting that description don’t offer much actual support. Lucky for us, Bali’s Passion for Comfort bras combine both comfort and function. Their Cool Comfort design keeps you cool and Comfort-U Design keeps those pesky straps and back in place. What a double threat, huh?

Bali Passion for Comfort Bra in Black (, $40) 

Bali Passion for Comfort Bra in Black (, $40) 

3. Playtex TruSupport design

Looking for serious support? Playtex has you covered. The brand’s TruSupport bras feature a 4-way support system that gives you an incredible fit thanks to higher sides (for support and coverage), comfortable straps (to reduce digging), fuller cups (to give a natural shape) and smooth backs (to get you stability without ride-up).

Playtex Secrets Body Revelation Full-Figure Balconette Bra in Red (Kohl's, $38)

Playtex Secrets Body Revelation Full-Figure Balconette Bra in Red (Kohl’s, $38)

4. Lane Bryant’s Cooling Bra

In the dog days of summer, we’ll take any built-in fanning system we can get, so we were psyched to hear about Lane Bryant’s Cooling Bra. It features microfiber technology to keep you cool, a mesh center panel and back band, and breathable, molded underwire cups. Bra technology that keeps the air flowing and boob sweat at bay? We could get used to that.

Lane Bryant's Cooling Bra (Lane Bryant, $42-53)

Lane Bryant’s Cooling Bra (Lane Bryant, $42-53)

5. Maidenform Comfort Devotion Bras

And because we just can’t get enough of soft bras that actually support our breasts, we bring you Maidenform’s Comfort Devotion collection. Lest you think it’s just another comfy T-shirt bra, think again. Lined foam provides comfort and support; plush fabrics make it soft to the touch; a smoothing wing supports and smooths your back; and a leotard back helps straps stay put.

Maidenform Comfort Devotion Embellished Extra Coverage Bra (, $40)

Maidenform Comfort Devotion Embellished Extra Coverage Bra (, $40)

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