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Whoever owns these dogs must really hate playing fetch

How often does your dog excitedly approach you with a slobber-laden ball and beg with whines and those soulful eyes to (please, please, please) play fetch? If you immediately feel pet-parent guilt because you’d rather not toss a slimy, grassy ball across the yard a hundred times, you aren’t alone. Whoever owns these dogs got creative — they used machines.

This machine is simply fetching
Obviously the lucky dog of a pet-loving engineer, this energetic cutie (and the kiddo) can’t get enough of the rocket-launching fetch machine.

A fetch-tastic idea
A commercial fetching machine that repeatedly launches tennis balls keeps this dog entertained, but it doesn’t exactly teach it the art of fetching.

The key is getting the dog to cooperate
A self-proclaimed pup lover and tinkerer, this dog owner created a fun ball launcher called the “Fetchbot.” It works great, but his dog is still in training.

GoDogGo right down the stairs
The GoDogGo machine is a popular choice among fetch-loathing pet parents. Belly (yes, that is her name) got her ball-throwing gadget as a gift for her first birthday. She races for the ball across the room and down the stairwell.

The game of fetch can certainly tire a dog out, especially if you use a 10-pound bowling ball. Just make sure you clear your dog when you throw it.

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