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Wordy outfits we love for teens


T-shirts and accessories with words and phrases on them have a reputation of being cheesy or juvenile, but that’s not fair. There are some great ones out there deserving of a place in your closet.

Don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered. There are so many ways to style wordy outfits so that they’re chic, not tacky. First things first, make sure you choose a slogan that represents your unique personality. Not sure how to wear it? Here are some outfit ideas that will make styling that quote T-shirt or word bracelet a cinch.

The shorter and sweeter the phrase, the stronger the impact. Pair a quippy T-shirt with a sweet floral skirt in this season’s “midi” length to add interest to the outfit. Shirts with sayings are generally pretty sparse, aside from the words, making them perfect for mixing with prints. To prevent yourself from looking totally “twee,” add edgy details like a faux leather jacket and heavy metal jewelry in unique shapes.

Wordy outfits we love for teens

Coffee First Muscle Tee (, $13), Biker Jacket (H&, $60), Midi Skirt in Floral Rose Print (, $57), Put a Ring Chevron It! Ring (, $13), Women’s Carraway Perforated Oxford (, $40).

Want a truly subtle way to sneak a favorite phrase into your wardrobe? Try ankle socks. Wearing them with heels is a popular look that pairs well with casual dresses — perfect for homeroom. Wear a cutesy dress, like the chambray shirtdress pictured here, with an edgy word sock and crisp white Keds. Sneakers are key here… you want to be able to walk to class.

Wordy outfits we love for teens

Walk This Way Slogan Ankle Socks (, $6), 1969 Western Denim Shirtdress (, $65), Teacup Sneaker (, $45).

Allow a tarot-card-inspired graphic tee with an inspirational message to take center stage by wearing it with a military-green jacket, slightly distressed skinny jeans, and paisley print sneakers. This low-key outfit is super comfy but still has a lot going on with multiple prints and layering. Perfect for those days when you have way too many extracurricular activities lined up after class.

Wordy outfits we love for teens

In the Night Women’s Tee (, $30), Parka (H&, $50), Jayden Low-Rise Skinny Jean (, $50), Liberty Era Sneakers (, $60).

Do your English homework the stylish way with a literary cuff like this one, which has this quote from Frankenstein by Mary Shelley printed on the surface:  “Beware for I am fearless and therefore powerful.” Let the bracelet speak for itself by forgoing prints and keeping the rest of your outfit simple. A white lacy blouse, tight oxblood jeans, and funky brown Chelsea boots play off the colors of the accessory without distracting from the words.

Wordy outfits we love for teens

Frankenstein Jewelry Cuff (, $30), Embroidered Shoulder Shirt (, $40), Moto Oxblood Joni Jeans (, $65), Ripleyy boots (, $170).

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