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Heroic toddler rescues 68-year-old man trapped in a car

Many 3-year-old kids are just beginning to learn how to dress and feed themselves, but Keith Williams is a toddler who can now call himself a hero. When he walked past a stranger who needed help, Keith took all the right steps to save a man’s life.

It was a hot day in Tennessee, with temperatures rising into the 90s. Bob King, 68 years old, found himself in a dangerous situation — he was trapped inside his own car. The power locks were not working, and he was unable to get himself out. Alone and concerned, King reached out to an unlikely savior: Keith Williams, a 3-year-old boy who stands only 3 feet tall.

Many children Keith’s age wouldn’t have even noticed a stranger in need, let alone rushed to the rescue. But Keith knew exactly what to do — he reached out to an adult and tried to explain the situation. The adult happened to be his church pastor, Jack Greene.

“He was hot. He was locked in the car,” Keith told reporters. And then, smiling proudly from ear to ear, he said: “I saved his life.”

Thanks to this little man, King was able to exit his car safely. Keith sure is one cute kid, and he has the intelligence and composure to save a life, too.

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