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11 Real-life Disney princess homes you can rent

If you were anything like most little girls, you watched Disney princess movies incessantly and dreamed of one day finding your Prince Charming. While you may still be on a search for Mr. Right, you can live out part of your royal dream by vacationing in a real-life Disney princess home. These 11 unique properties will have you instantly feeling like Belle, Ariel or Jasmine.

1. Frozen: Elsa and Anna’s castle

Frozen castle for rent
Photos: HomeAway and Frozen, 2013 (The Walt Disney Studios)

Those who fear frostbite but love Elsa from Frozen can take a trip to this gorgeous look-alike rental in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This gated keep bears a striking resemblance to the high-walled fortress featured in the film and comfortably sleeps 20 — perfect for a small kingdom (or a large family) in town for an extended stay.

2. The Little Mermaid: King Triton’s castle

Little Mermaid King Triton's castle
Photos: HomeAway and The Little Mermaid, 1989 (The Walt Disney Studios)

Though Ariel seemed to live the good life under the sea, she dreamed of walking on land. Now you can have the best of both worlds with The Shell House in Isla Mujeres. Perfect for the indecisive princess, this home on the Caribbean has two king-size bedrooms, 180-degree ocean views and a private pool steps away from the beach.

3. Snow White: The seven dwarfs’ cottage

snow white seven dwarves cottage
Photos: HomeAway and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937 (The Walt Disney Studios)

Seven beds, seven sets of dishes and one tiny cottage. To recreate Snow White’s experience (without the endless sweeping and mopping), make your way to this enchanting cottage in the Irish countryside. This charming home comfortably sleeps eight — perfect for you and seven of your shortest friends. Don’t worry, the two acres of tropical garden don’t have any bad apples!

4. Sleeping Beauty: Aurora’s castle

sleeping beauty Aurora's castle
Photos: HomeAway and Sleeping Beauty, 1959 (The Walt Disney Studios)

Sleeping Beauty‘s Princess Aurora knows a thing or two about a good night’s (or century’s) sleep. This stunning castle apartment in Dollarbeg Castle in central Scotland is the perfect spot to relax and daydream without the magic spell. With towers, turrets and twisting staircases, this incredible home resembles something you may have seen once upon a dream.

5. Beauty and the Beast: Beast’s castle

Beauty and the Beast Beast castle
Photos: HomeAway and Beauty and the Beast, 1991 (The Walt Disney Studios)

The Beast’s enchanted castle in Beauty and the Beast was pretty awesome, with singing silverware and all, but the real-life version in the Catskills is just as magical. The Belleayre Mountain Estate is an opulent dwelling with winding passageways, eight historic bedrooms, antiques and 32 acres of trails. So, go on, be their guest.

6. Cinderella: Prince Charming’s castle

Cinderella Prince Charming Castle
Photos: HomeAway and Cinderella II: Dreams Come True, 2002 (The Walt Disney Studios)

Skip the evil stepmother and revoked ball invitations and head straight for the fairy-tale ending. Live like Cinderella post-pumpkin phase in this French chateau, located at Indre-et-Loire in the Loire Valley. The regal residence contains quiet libraries, winding mezzanines, 13 19th-century bedroom suites and wide expanses of impeccably maintained lawns. Just be careful not to lose a glass slipper while exploring this 76,000-square-foot mansion — it may be difficult to find.

7. The Princess and the Frog: Charlotte’s castle

Princess and the Frog House
Photos: HomeAway and The Princess and the Frog, 2009 (The Walt Disney Studios)

Though her own family hails from a modest section of New Orleans, Tiana spends much of her childhood in the luxe mansion of her fairy-tale-obsessed friend Charlotte La Bouff. Relive their adventures in the Big Easy by staying in this historic six-bedroom mansion in the Garden District of New Orleans. The winding verandas and fluted columns provide a great hiding place for kiddos and enchanted frog princes alike.

8. Pocahontas: Powhatan’s home

Pocahontas Powhatan castle
Photos: HomeAway and Pocahontas, 1995 (The Walt Disney Studios)

Whether she’s painting with the colors of the wind or diving off waterfalls, Pocahontas is a true thrill-seeker. Relive her adventures by exploring the foothills of the Preseli Mountains of Wales and staying in the Trallwyn Yurt. During the day, you can fish for trout while watching for whales off the coast. At night, relax in these cozy accommodations, reminiscent of the rounded dwellings occupied by Pocahontas and other members of her tribe.

9. Mulan: Fa Mulan’s home

Photos: HomeAway and Mulan, 1998 (The Walt Disney Studios)

Like Mulan, you can head out on a journey far from home and stay in Villa del Lago at Los Elementos in Bali. This beautiful one-bedroom home looks like the homestead of Fa Mulan’s family, with lotus ponds, gardens and tropical flowers. Feel the relaxation of simpler times while still enjoying modern amenities like a full gourmet kitchen and an infinity pool.

10. Tangled: Rapunzel’s tower

Rapunzel's Tower Tangled
Photos: HomeAway and Tangled, 2010 (The Walt Disney Studios)

Experience all the magic of Rapunzel’s tower without being locked up for 18 years. With two bedrooms and luxury accommodations, the 15th-century Broto Tower is a stunning landmark in the Aragon region of Spain. But if you start to get antsy, don’t worry — this rental comes equipped with plenty of windows and doors that lead to the outside world.

11. Aladdin: The sultan’s palace

Aladdin Sultan's Palace
Photos: HomeAway and Aladdin, 1992 (The Walt Disney Studios)

Don’t you wish all boys went through the trouble Aladdin did to win Jasmine’s heart? While the chances of a genie and magic carpet rides are slim to none, you can live the royal life in this lavish four-bedroom Moroccan mansion. With a heated pool, detoxifying steam room and plenty of room for visiting dignitaries, this is the perfect place to experience the life of an Arabian princess. Bonus: You don’t even have to use one of your three wishes to stay here!

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